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Firewall FMC - Real Time Monitoring

Hi there, I had a question regarding real time monitoring on the FMC.Does the FMC have the ability to identify live sessions?Can we view info about Ingress/Egress zones, number of packets/bytes and interfaces etc... ?This would greatly help us to dee...

VRF export with nexthop filter

Hi guys,I try to attach an extended community to a prefix selected by its next-hop. While this works perfectly with a route-map attached to a BGP neighbor, when trying to use it as an export map the router attaches the extended community to all prefi...

pat.boehm by Beginner
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Can not SSH into specific LAN IP via FPR1010 WAN

HelloFPR1010 - x.x.x.182|| LAN Device w/ SSH Port 23 (it seems if I use 22 it goes to FPR1010 directly.)I made a NAT;   inside_2    any   ssh-23   any  outside   any   ssh-23   any (Manual NAT, Dynamic, above inside_2)I made ...

TheGoob by Beginner
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Routing router ipv6

Hello,As part of my project, I have to carry out a routing between my routers in IPV6 I made it in ipv4 with dynamic routing unfortunately I can't reproduce it in IPV6Here is my dynamic configuration in ipv4:confeigrp 100 routerno auto-summarizenetwo...

Cisco P7-2.PNG
Ragounee by Beginner
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WLC 5520 CIMC upgrade

One of our 5520 controllers crapped out, and after some research it was due to the CIMC firmware being old and the flex flash not being enabled. I followed the instructions in bug notes for CSCvo33873 and got through the firmware upgrade. what I am s...

cmarva by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies
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Anyconnect Organizational Unit DAP Policy

On Anyconnect (Version 4.10.06079) I am trying to use a DAP policy that has an Endpoint Criteria that tries to match the OU field in the returned Certificate attached the field I am referring toThe OU in the certificate is multilayer by that I mean i...

andydaws by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Removing `ciscouc` Entitlement via Webex API

Hello. I am having an issue with getting Webex Calling to work within the Webex App (all platforms) for users in our Org, that were originally in the Org when it was Spark Calling. Registering a Cisco IP Phone works fine.  In working with TAC, they a...


Internet to switch from Firewall

So we are gearing up to replace a netgear switch with a Cisco Catalyst 9300 and I have a few questions regarding the config between the switch and the firewall. The firewall acts as a DCHP server, DNS, and handles all routing so in our case the switc...

kcross by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Replacing failed SUP8-E

Hello, I've been brought in to provide some remote support on a hardware replacement and could use some confirmation and help from the community.I have a Catalyst 4510R+E switch with redundant SUP8-E modules, one of which has failed. I've obtained a ...

Resolved! FPR1010 Port 443 https Web Access issue

Hello So on an inside server ( I am running an NGINX Web-Server which absolutely needs to be on Port 80 and 443. My FPR1010 has, by default, https access via 443, so when I connect to x.x.x.182 (WAN) (which connects to on h...

TheGoob by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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