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Resolved! VRF export with nexthop filter

Hi guys,I try to attach an extended community to a prefix selected by its next-hop. While this works perfectly with a route-map attached to a BGP neighbor, when trying to use it as an export map the router attaches the extended community to all prefi...

pat.boehm by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Services API issue

Hi there, I've problems using some Cisco Services API. I have already registered the app in API Developer Portal. I can't get information from Contracts and Inventory API info but I'm able to get information from Customer Info.Error: {"status": 403,"...

#Mat by Frequent Contributor
  • 6 replies
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TrsutSec SGT Question

Hello guys,I have been using ISE radius policy to assign the Security Group and it was working fine. Now, I'm using a third part tool to assign the SGT on the cisco switch interface (access port) using the SSH connection and keep the TrustSec policy ...

Access to Cisco Support APIs

G'day,I am trying to get access to https://developer.cisco.com/docs/support-apis/#!introduction-to-cisco-support-apis but I am unable to find out if this is only available to Cisco partners and not for direct access from clients? Can someone please e...

How to set a NAT on ipsec tunnel?

i setup an ipsec between a ciso router and a fortigate firewall.Tunnel is up in both device while the two LAN subnets are unable to ping each other.i saw lot of articles and tuto and sounds confused about the necessity of NAT on cisco side!!!!!!pleas...

Imed by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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Question about migration between core switches

Hello, I am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction.  We are currently using a Cisco Nexus 5596 as our core switch and the directive has been given to migrate to a Cisco C9407R.  Everything that I have found online in the way of ...

New Apple iPads not joining wireless. 16.1.1 code.

I wanted to make a post to anyone having this issue. We ran into this last week with the new iPads they have started getting in.It seems to be an issue with Fast transition if you have it set to adaptive. Setting it to disable or enable and they conn...

Resolved! High unmanaged disk usage on /ngfw/var on 7.0.4 FTD

anyone experienced this weird error. i dont find any reason for the disk to be full since it is still running at 45%.tried clearing some log files on these directories but still the error still present/var/sf/detection_engines/<some GUID>/backup//var...


punt cause policer drop packet cause 7

Hello Techies,I am facing sudden p2p down issue where i have advertised all my ip pools between cisco ASR and juniper router.Checking the log I found below logs %IOSXE-5-PLATFORM: F0: cpp_cp: QFP:0.1 Thread:076 TS:00014740836682289247 %PUNT_INJECT-5-...

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