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Hi everyone my question about routing For example.i'n working on international company and my company has a few breach on a broad MOSCOW, FRANCE, and ENGLAND and between branches i have dmvpn, and every country has real ip address and private ip addr...

Screenshot from 2023-02-02 16-20-05.png
Mlex1 by Participant
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SNMP Csico status

I use SNMP through Zabbix to get the Port running status. But the only information obtained is Up/Down. Is there a way to get more information? For example, Port Down is because of unusual traffic. Instead of shutting down the user's computer.Cisco D...

gehsu by Beginner
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Paying an extra fee for WebEx

To whom it may concern: This is a question regarding logging into WebEx. This past Sunday, my Church group was using WebEx for a bible study. Apparently, two of my members tried to log into WebEx by phone. They went through the prompts of the phone n...

Upgrade ISE from 2.7 to 3.1

I am going to upgrade virtual ISE in HA running all personas to 3.1, and in regard to this I have a few questions.  I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject but would like to get the community's thoughts and recommendations on this topic.My ...

private vlan confusion

It say that an isolated vlan can not communicate with another device on a port with the same isolated vlan so is it just point to point makes it a private vlan.computer to switch then what is the purpose since it can not communicate on the same vlan ...

Multicast and youtube

Hi we watch Youtube program or video conference from anywhere at the same time or different time slot. I have a question of multicast pending there for long time. Since we can watch program via Youtube, why we still use multicast? Anyone like to expl...

CBS350-24T-X Error I2C failed to read information

Hi community,I am getting an error message on my CBS350-24T-X.Does anyone know the cause of this error?#show systemSystem Description: CBS350-24T-4X 24-Port Gigabit Stackable Managed Switch with 10G UplinksSystem Up Time (days,hour:min:sec): 04,00:15...

cncm by Beginner
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【原创】Cisco IOS上Segment Routing TE的简单实验

本帖最后由 wuhao0015 于 2019-10-21 08:47 编辑 今年早些时候看了些Segment Routing的一些资料,想做些实验加强了解。官网找到的实验都是基于IOS-XR系统的,模拟资源消耗太大,于是自己查看相关资料试着做了个基于IOS简单SRTE实验测试下效果。实验其实早就做完,看到大家最近在讨论关于SR的内容,于是就发出来大家一起学习交流。实验目的是了解SR是什么,能干什么,怎么玩。。。如下是拓扑图:R1、R2、R3、R5、R6、R7之间运行OSPF和SR。需要实现R1...

wuhao0015 by Rising star
  • 13 replies
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Cisco CUSP EOL Solution/Work around

Hello,We currently have 2- Cisco CUSP 10.2 and we have notification that the product is EOL with no replacement. Does anyone have a work around to remove the CUSP or equipment to replace the CUSP?  Let me know if you have any questions. I sent config...

johngalek by Beginner
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Resolved! Asking for USERNAME and PASSWORD upon enabling when using AAA.

I have this issue whr the device asks for my username and password when im enabling the device. I have set a local user named Admin 1 and it has a secret password. ive also set  "enable password admin1pass " on the devices. However it just asks for t...

Justien by Beginner
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