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Co Channel interference 5Gh

I'm getting a lot of CCI on 5Ghz, carried out survey using Ekahau Sidekick.Alot of this are from homes and buisness around our site and other buildings, seen at -80DB5Ghz is currently set to 40Mhz, so we are looking at moving it back to 20Mhz,  In th...

Common Phone Profile 8841

I uploaded a PNG file in the format required for the 8800's. 800x480x24I have also listed in the List.XML.  When I added to the common phone profile under the background image and check the box to override it does not show up on the phone.  Any ideas...

MrButton_0-1674860554946.png MrButton_1-1674860383089.png MrButton_2-1674860461179.png
MrButton by Beginner
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LAN to LAN (Switch to Switch) Max ethernet length 1 gig (1000tx)

While I have read that there is a 328 feet or 100 meter max when connecting from one switch to a device (PoE).  However, my question is this.  If I have a Cat 6 or Cat 6a direct connect ethernet cable that runs 372' from one switch to another switch ...

fihunts by Beginner
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Flapping/Intermittent Access Points

Has anyone seen this issue with the 1852i APs? We have 3 APs that flap all day everyday. The LED cycles red, amber, green continuously and never joins the WLC. The cables tested out fine and we attempted a factory reset on the APs.Jan 27 12:06:10: %L...

jdparsons by Beginner
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Enterprise Chat and Email (ECE) with OAuth2.0

Hi Friends...Microsoft had announced and started stopping support for basic authentication, which is the default way for ECE to connect with Office 365 email inbox.  Since Microsoft's announcement to stop basic authentication and move to OAuth 2.0, C...

Catalyst 2960 - SFP issue (WS-C2960-24TC-L with GLC-FE-100FX)

Hi Team,I am trying to connect between 2 switches on Fiber.Switch 1 - WS-C2960-24TC-L  Switch 2 - WS-C2955C-12On 2955 side I have the fiber with MT-RJ Connector and LC connector on 2960 side.For 2960 side I have two models of SFP (GLC-FE-100FX and GL...

thiborba_2-1674845624883.jpeg thiborba_0-1674845492276.png
thiborba by Beginner
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Hidden SSID - Can't Connect this network

Hello Professionals,I am managing two different offices, and one of offices are using Cisco AP 2802 Series, 1852 Series and the other use 1261 Series, 1602 Series. - WLC: Cisco WLC 2504- Office A: 2802Series / 1852 Series AP- Office B: 1261 Series / ...

eeebbunee by Beginner
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3850s in Stack - packages.conf not found after power outage

I have a site with three sets of Cisco 3850 Stacks running IOS-XE 16.12.05b.  The switches are configured for INSTALL mode, and all three stacks are configured to boot to packages.conf.  The switches are on battery backups, but the site has had about...

LWAP speed needs to be change from 100 to 1000

Dear Team, My AP speed needs to be change to 1000, i tried on the switch end from auto to 1000. But no luck, interface automatically went down.   Gi7/0/12 5S-006C WAP2 connected 65 a-full a-100 10/100/1000BaseTX   Hence i tried to login in to AP. But...

Smart Licensing Using Policy の offline 方式でライセンス利用状況のレポーティングを行う方法

はじめに詳細手順   はじめに Catalyst 9000 スイッチにて 17.3.2a より Smart Licensing Using Policy を利用します。本ドキュメントは Smart Licensing Using Policy の offline 方式でライセンス利用状況のレポーティングを行う方法を紹介します。     詳細手順 ステップ1: 対象機器のライセンス関連設定を行うlicense boot level コマンドで対象機器のライセンスレベルを設定し、 license ...

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lingljia by Cisco Employee
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Firepower threat Defense intra zone Communication

Hi I have read a statement same-security-traffic is not applicable on FTD. Traffic between FTD interfaces (inter) and hairpinning (intra) is allowed by default, so i thought multiple interface in same security zone in FTD by default allow Communicati...

Parveen by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Strange Results TDR Cable-Test

Has anyone seen all remote pairs showing as "Pair A" and Not Supported? Below are the results from the switch. For reference this is on a Catalyst 3850 with an Aironet 1852i access point on the distant end. This AP has been going down every few days ...

jdparsons by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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