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Support of route server deployment in IOS XR

Hello folks,I found there are Cisco route server deployment guideline for IOS XE (https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/routers/ios/config/17-x/ip-routing/b-ip-routing/m_irg-route-server.html) but not for IOS XR. If I have a IOS XR device (let say AS...

Resolved! why 10Gbps circuit every 12 packets drop 1packet

Hi, we have nexus 7700 in one side and C6800 at another side,, and now try to provision one 10gbps point-to-point circuit, now the link is up, but when do ping test, found every 12 packets drop 1 packet.  mtu is set to 1560 at both ends. can anyone h...

What's New with Cisco SD-WAN and Routing

Hi Everyone,  As part of Cisco’s commitment to providing intelligent network solutions for organizations to securely connect users, devices, applications, and workloads everywhere, I wanted to provide a brief overview of the latest releases to our W...

Multicast traffic over mGRE or DMVPN

Hi every one,i have more than 250 site they are connected to  an ASR 1000 Series cisco routeri tried to create dmvpn tunnel the ASR is the hub and the rest of 250 site are the spokes . (without encryption)the DMVPN is work fine and eigrp up on all si...

Resolved! Verify standby supervisor engine ios-xe image fails

Hi, there,I've a couple of WS-C4507R+E switches (Version 03.08.07.E.152-4.E7) with installed standby supervisor engine.Verifying the ios-xe image on the primary supervisor engine works, but verifying and image on the slavebootflash doesn't work:HOSTN...

Learning ThousandEyes

My organization is just starting to implement ThousandEyes.  I took advantage of the free ThousandEyes training on the Rev Up to Recert program 2 months ago, and it was awesome.  I believe the training may still be available for free, but you will mi...

ASA Config Issues

I am having issues with my ASA not transferring traffic from VPN subnet to internal subnet. VPN is subnet and internal is subnet.  : Hardware: ASA5506, 4096 MB RAM, CPU Atom C2000 series 1250 MHz, 1 CPU (4 cores):ASA Versio...

Resolved! Question

Hi, there I have catalyst 2960 x series I want to access the internet from a home router without any Cisco when I ping google form the switch it’s successful but on my  laptop I can’tcan someone help me with it ?

Modem, Router, Switch

Hi everyone,I have some questions about ports and communication serial.1.- What does it mean "Segmentable network port"?2.- What standards about Network Security apply on "Serial Port"?My technical Specification of my device are:I really appreciate y...

lejarac_0-1695913569611.png lejarac_1-1695913583393.png lejarac_2-1695913613388.png
lejarac by Beginner
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Cisco ISE 3.1 change sponsor of a guest

Hi all, we have guests who works in our site for a lot of time and they could change internal contact. It would be useful to change sponsor of their guest credentials withouth deleting and recreating them.Is it possible to change sponsor?

gdspa by Beginner
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Could not register Cisco IP Communicator.

I am unable to register Cisco IP Communicator. The device shows registering all the time. I know we need to look at EventView logs from CUCM. But when I download the logs it shows nothing. I am using TranslatorX to read the logs. Any other troublesho...

raso by Beginner
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