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Dear ExpertsAdvise solution for belowWe have mixed topology with Huawei and Cisco switchesCurrently we are running RSTP and unfortunately it's not compatible between both switches and we have engages huawei support and they verified that RSTP between...

VLANS and the details

Hi all, not sure if this is the best location of the community but here is my question...Probably a easy or silly one for many but... I would love to find some more clear, simple and qualitative explanation of how Vlans do work.All the definition and...

How to delete a deployed Service Graph?

I have been using the Contract Subject page to remove the deployed Service Graph by deleting the Service Graph Template selected, like screenshot below.  However after the removal is applied, the Service Graph contract is still associated with the E...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Strange error configuring 1041N

Hi folks, I bought a Cisco 1041N at a trade show and am now trying to configure it?I bought two serial cables through Amazon which are specific to Cisco:https://www.amazon.de/-/n...o2ov_dt_b_product_details https://www.amazon.de/dp/...o2ov_dt_b_produ...

Resolved! /20 subnet question

Hello all,I'm trying to answer the following question: What is the next subnet ID for the IP address: /20/20 block size is 4096 addresses (not subtracting 2 here, because we're not calculating hosts)How do I get from to the ne...

njnetwork by Beginner
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ACI UI PortBlk Object Naming

Good Morning (US EDT), All,It seems that between 4.2 and 5.2, ACI started generating a hash to use as the name for portblk objects when creating them through the UI.  Portblk objects used to be named "block<#>" where # seemed to be sequential.  Does ...

nplusplus by Beginner
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C9115AXI-EWC-E Mixed with AP 1852i ME

Hi all we have an ME deployment with two1852i  now we bought 4x C9115AXI-EWC-E   can you tell me if its better to create the Ewc new deployment and then join 1852i as “members” of the new “cluster”? ( assuming upgrade to 8.10 on the ME)  Are they com...

beconnect by Beginner
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C3850, Why is below static route EIGRP redistributed?

Hello.Inside a C3850 switch 4 stack, I don't understand why the below static route is being redistributed. Please assist?...#sh run | inc ip route route ip route entry for


Dear Community,I have a one way audio scenario on hard phones but soft phones on the same location dont have an issue. Where could I start tshooting this? Inbound calls dont have an issue just outbound.I have a third party gateway not the cisco route...

isaaco001 by Beginner
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Unable to set up network infrastructure. Help needed

Hi all,I am working on a lab that requires me to set up a complex network and I am having connectivity issues.For more context, the network requires me to use 4 layer 3 switches and 2 4321 cisco routers. I was given the private network a...

Lechanna by Beginner
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@david.macias  Good morning companions I have the following case.I have UCCX version as well as Finesses.There is a requirement that when an agent starts a session in a specific campaign, the system places it with the READY status aut...

Resolved! 802.1x - Computer in phone port not working.

I am working on a small project to implement 802.1x authentication on the wired network. In the environment there are:IP phoneCorporate computerSubcontractor computer The whole network is built with Cisco Catalsyt 9300, 2960X, 2960S, 3850 switches. E...

Jimboom by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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