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Air AP1562I Repair Help


I have the following Air AP:

Air-AP1562I-B-K9, 802.11ac outdoor access point


There are three antenna cables that go from the inside cover to some soldered connections on a PCB. When removing the cover, two of the soldered antenna connections came loose and the third completely separated from the cable. See attached picture. 


I need to know the best and cheapest way to repair this AP. There was no markings on the cover that this would happen and this seems to be engineered for failure because if you want to open the cover to repair anything inside, you either have 1 inch of space or you mistakenly break the connections. 


Is this cheapest to replace the cover w/ internal antennas and re-solder the connections onto the PCB? Also need to fix the connector that came completely un-crimped from the terminal (you can see this one connector still soldered to the board)


Thank you for the help 

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