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How do you and your teams use Webex for fun?

Erin Breitsprecher
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When work went hybrid, companies got creative with communication and collaboration. Our teams at Webex set aside time each month to host team-building meetings. These meetings have helped us build stronger relationships across the company, but on a personal level too.

Whether it’s a virtual coffee or a celebration like a baby shower, Webex has helped keep us close. We even leverage embedded apps and put Slido to use to host game days when we want to have some fun. 

Break up your day-to-day routine and get to know your coworkers better by sending an ice breaker or poll. You can even play live trivia during your next team meeting. Want some inspiration or new ideas? Check out our apps that make work more fun!

How do you and your teams use Webex for fun? Tell us about it!

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Robb Garth
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Erin,

At the end of our weekly team meetings we set aside 5 minutes to leverage Slido to do a 3 to 4 question trivia game. Each week 60+ individuals compete to see who can answer, the random and often obscure trivia questions, the fastest and most accurately.  The winner gets a prize and bragging rights for the week!  Our quiz master is great and has a passion for the relatively unknown.  Most everyone would agree that we look forward to our weekly team meetings and participating in the weekly trivia contest.

@Robb Garth, thank you for sharing how you and your team leverage Slido during team meetings for trivia. That sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to break up the workday!

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