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Cisco Employee

How is everyone using Slido?

I'm curious to know how people are using the new Slido integration in Webex to have more interactive meetings!


Please share what has worked for you to help inspire everyone!

Cisco Employee

Some cases in Japan are
1. Quizzes to test students during a teaching session
2. Word cloud to see attendee's overall expectation of the event
3. Q&A for all-hands (board members could see which questions are most liked by employees)
4. Quizzes / polls for just simple internal fun activities (end of quarter party / new-comer introduction quiz / etc)


our organization has been using Slido in our weekly stand up meetings. We ask questions like "How are you feeling about this week?" "Do you need any support this week?" and "What are you most excited about" to get a good gauge as to the whole team's energy going into the week. we all know Monday morning meetings can be a drag, but this small form of interaction has proven useful for us. Gives our managers an opportunity to show their personal care for each of their employees and direct any additional support where it is needed.

Cisco Employee

What a game changer ! Slido is the ultimate ice breaker and engagement tool for those long meetings. 


Did you know in the latest update you can now experience Slido in the new Webex Events ! 


The Slido stuff looks really cool, but our org is having trouble finding its feet with it. What size meetings do people start using Slido? I get the large/company wide events. But has anyone found a place in a department/staff meeting?

We found it great for our team coffee catch ups and used in a variety of different ways some examples below in a smaller groups / staff meetings ;
- Ice breakers to get to know a little bit more about other staff ie. Two Truths and a Lie
- Quizzes and trivia for team bonding events
- polls and brainstorming in those smaller meetings
For more use cases and information please visit<> you can log in with your webex credentials.
Hope that helps

Cisco Employee

I've also heard a few companies taking the popular/ repeat questions (with responses) from large All-hands events and documenting them within their intranet as a searchable FAQ library longer term. Essentially creating an "organizational memory" for the company. Would be great to productize this as a packaged offering by combining Slido with Webex transcription.


I use for interactive questions between the speaker and the crowd.
Cisco Employee

Slido is great too for making meetings interactive and increasing participation collect feedbacks.  

My personal favourites are Word Cloud  , Quiz and Ranking

Liz Oliva
Cisco Employee

Our clients in marketing areas use a lot of SLIDO to obtain client information in advance, during the meeting and also afterwards. They love the option to use it via a ppt file


It's working quiet well. We have started using it in some of our Technical education trainings. I recently did a Webex CC internal knowledge transfer session for our colleagues in the company and they responded really well to Slido and it helped them gain more information about the Webex CC product.

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