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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of the Month: Personal Insights

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

With everything that is happening, I feel like I'm always kind of working from all locations, at all hours, and I'm always in a meeting. And I feel like my work life balance could be better; much better.

Feelings are one thing, but what is actually happening? With Webex's Personal Insights, I saw that most of my day is meetings. I also saw that since my team is all over the globe, we were having meetings at all hours of the day. Using personal insights, I set a goal of 3 hours of focus time per day and found that I get a lot more done when I'm not multitasking fifty projects. I also compared my hours to my team's and we worked out a couple of days a week where we only met when everyone's comfortably available and not in kids' carpool or the middle of the night. It's really helped my team focus on work when they are working and focus on what's important when they aren't working.

What do YOU think about Personal Insights? If you already use them to improve your work-life balance, how? Have you set goals and if so, did you meet them? Are you concerned about security? Let us know by replying to this post!

If you need more information about Personal Insights, visit the help pages for a deep dive.


More about Personal Insights

Explore your habits, protect your well-being, and set healthy goals by diving into your data—don't worry, it's all anonymous! Personal Insights visuals will help you understand how to maintain a healthy balance and give you insights into how you work, who you communicate with most, and more.

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I like to utilize Personal Insights but I also set goals. I try to shutdown at 5 pm and when I begin at 9 am, I filter by Unread messages on the Webex app. Work/life balance is important to my company and my family so I utilize Personal Insights and set goals.

Hello all,
thank you for the updates about this feature.
The only problem, we don't get the icon for "people insights" displayed in our webex clients.|-people-insights
we've enabled everything in our control hub as in the following link

does anyone have any ideas or had the same issue?
webex client version (windows)

My favorite parts are being notified of organizational changes (new titles/managers etc.) as well as my own behavior metrics for on-time attendance and agendas...this helps me to be more responsible with my colleague's time.

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When I remember to review personal insights, I find the data interesting, but honestly forgot the information was there until I saw this message today.  Maybe a gentle reminder once a month (not a huge pop up or anything others would find annoying but maybe a change of color on the icon or a badge to show a notification) would be helpful in this regard?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I find the Personal Insight feature intriguing. You think you know how you use your time, but do you? I have only really begun to use it recently, but I have already had a a couple of "Aha!"-experiences with it, and will for sure be using it even more going forward.

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