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Capabilities of Integrators for ThreaGrid

Hello All,

I am now in the middle of implementing ThreatGrid and Private cloud. Only integrations with FMC,ESA,WSA are left. I have couple of question regarding available features of Integrators:


1)As far as I know in FMC when disposition is unknown and file is sent to analysis (In my case it would be TG) the first file will be downloaded by client. The FMC will start to implement action for that file after TG informed Private Cloud about threat score and PC the FMC in its turn. I wonder whether it is possible to tweak this process. In other NGFW vendors I had capability of sending like snapshot of file and informing that your file is pending analysis. In FMC I did not found any tab for editing this feature of it.


2)How TG will analysis the file with password? Does it have any most-used password database which will try them or something else?


3)In ESA, if esa received a mail with phishing URL but did not detected it as phishing, may i configure it so that it sends all mails to TG with URL which reputation is unknown.


Thanks in advance!

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