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How can we re-configure our BE4000 voicemail system to use DHCP instead of static network config?

I do some light sysadmin stuff for my wife's school and they had a BE4000 installed last year. The people who configured it didn't talk to the network people and configured it with static IP information. Well, our firewall changed and now it can't reach the router so it can't talk to the Internet so things are broken.

All the rest of our systems (printers, iPads, etc.) are configured to use DHCP and they are all working fine. When we contacted the people who run the voicemail system they said that it would take 5 hours and thousands of dollars to reconfigure the system to use DHCP.

I don't know much about BE4000 units but I find it hard to believe that you have to reconfigure the system from scratch to change a network parameter. Is this really true? Is it possible to reconfigure the system to use DHCP without having to re-deploy it completely?

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