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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Announcing the Webex Ambassador Program!

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On May 4, 2020, we launched the Webex Community as a way to build the most welcoming, authentic, diverse, and inclusive home for usersIT admins, adoption advocates, and Webex stakeholders to discuss all things Webex. Whether it’s asking questions, sharing knowledgeattending our live events, or simply voting for new feature requests, the Webex Community has become the go-to place to learn about, adopt, and share love for Webex. 

Much like 
Webex itself, our team is all about collaboration. We collaborate with each other, but we also collaborate with users like yourselves. To make Webex the best it can be, we need YOU. Your individual experiences and unique perspectives help us take Webex from being a great collaboration tool to an integral part of your workday that allows you to carry out your organizations’ mission every single day. 

You are at the core of 
Webex, and we appreciate everything you do in the community. With members stretching across all parts of the globe and different industries, you have helped us make Webex what it is today. We value everyone’s unique perspective, and our goal is to get to know YOU, not just your questionsWe welcome all to join in on the conversation, giving members the opportunity to have their voice amplified. 

you’re already active in the Webex Community but want to take your Webex experience to the next level, we suggest checking out the Webex Ambassadors Program. We’re looking for thought leaders who love to learn, share knowledge, and ultimately make the world a better place. Sound like you? Come join our program! 

When you sign up to the 
Webex Ambassadors Program, you’ll get: 

  • Tailored learning paths for users, IT admins, and adoption advocates 
  • Rewards and recognition for sharing knowledge and insights 
  • A chance to influence future Webex innovations 
  • Opportunities to amplify your voice 

The more you learn and the more you share, the more access you’ll gain to advanced classes. You’ll even have the opportunity to meet directly with the creative and engineering masterminds who are designing collaboration tools for the future. You, your experience, and your perspective are what will help us make an even better Webex. 

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The Ambassadors Program are a tight-knit group of Webex fanatics who are passionate about collaboration and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and success with the Webex Community and beyond.  


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Let’s get started! Add your name to the list to be notified as soon as our learning plans are available!


 Questions? Check out the official Webex Ambassadors page or join the conversation below!  

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Robert Ecke

Do we need to apply again if we were ambassadors already?DXsdvklW0AEtcgB.jpg

Hi @Robert Ecke !


Thank you so much for your years of service and being an original Ambassador from the Spark days. We are asking all current Ambassadors to go through the new learning program, give us feedback, and get your new gear (with Webex branding).


This allows us to issue you new certificates and new badges, and assure all Ambassadors (tenured and new) are all in, all educated, and all ready to rock.

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Hello, I have completed power-user and both associate courses (IT-Admin and Adoption). What would be the next step to continue on webex ambassador? I cannot see anything for professional ambassador. Am i missing something? Can anyone please share the exact course name for Professional Ambassador?

AFAIK professional  contents are still not available.  We need to wait.


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Peter Anders

Thanks Cole . This is a great guide to attaining the Ambassador levels


The creedly badges are available now

Yes, got my ones today too.

Now is only the Professional Track missing

Dear Team,


How can I renew My Ambassador Professional.


Thank you,

John Duong Phan,

Best regards,
John Duong Phan
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