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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Building an inclusive education environment with Webex


In our upcoming community event, we are joined by Webex Expert Kirsten Mortimer (@KirstenM), who joins us from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Kirsten will be detailing how she and the university are using Webex to create an inclusive education environment for current and future students. You won't want to miss it.

Topics discussed will be:
- Opportunities created by the hybrid classroom
- Webex Assistant and live interpreters for university events and classes
- Asynchronous education successes and challenges
- Tips to build a strong collaboration foundation in education



About Kirsten
Kirsten Mortimer, Technology Adoption Coordinator works with faculty and staff to increase their knowledge of, and proficiency with, technology tools as a member of the Learning Technology Center, which is part of the Instructional, Communication, and Information Technology division at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She has assisted numerous faculty and instructional staff with learning Webex, as well as how to leverage the suite of products to engage graduate and undergraduate students and enhance their learning experiences during the transition to remote delivery.

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Maksym Kozub

@Cole Callahan 

Thank you for this information. It mentions "Webex Assistant and live interpreters for university events and classes". Do you think we will hear any news during that event about support for simultaneous interpretation in Webex Training sessions, like we have got it for Webex meetings by now? As a conference interpreter, I maintain close contacts with many university professors. I have recently been in touch with some of them who teach interpretation and translation to their students, and they are interested in using Webex Training for simultaneous interpretation courses. I checked with some people from the local Cisco rep office, and I was told we should expect this feature (simultaneous interpretation support) to appear in Webex Training soon. I am eagerly awaiting any developments in this area.

Hi @Maksym Kozub , thanks for the response here. The community event detailed above is a part of our Customer Success Spotlight series, which gives the floor to a customer to share their Webex story and highlight how they were able to accomplish something major using Webex. The event series is less technical and more about Webex users and admins sharing their recipe for success to provide perspective to other admins and users who have the same goals. Our community Walkthrough Wednesday series is on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, which is more technically focused and features demos of the latest and greatest. I highly recommend you join us for those. And, we are certainly open to hearing any topics you'd like to see discussed for those.

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Thank you, @Cole Callahan. I understand that this event will not be very technical; I just meant that since you mentioned "live interpreters", there may be some news about the feature in question. Anyway, I will definitely try and join the event you and @KirstenM are to run on December 8, unless I get an important interpretation assignment etc. for that time.

@Maksym Kozub No news that I am aware of, my friend.  Fantastic to hear, looking forward to having you join us! See you then.

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Cisco Employee

@Cole Callahan This sounds like a really interesting event. Will it be recorded? Being on the other side of the globe, the time is unfortunately not exactly the best for me.

The event will be recorded, yes. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has an AMAZING story, and we are excited to share it with you. This post will be updated with the recording when we have it, so you should be able to view it then. Thanks for your interest @Sagen 

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