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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Community Adoption Spotlight: Education without Borders - Recording now available!

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Educators across the world are using Webex more than ever to connect their students and provide the best education possible. This event is intended to share two unique success stories from our guests Ahmad Taamneh and Roray Stewart. Join our Education without Borders event to hear how one adoption effort started from scratch as well as another where organizers had to think quickly on their feet. Our guests will share their recipe for their adoption success and provides tips on how to bridge the distance between students.


About our Panelists


Ahmad Taamneh is an experienced collaboration expert helping small, medium, and enterprise size customers in designing, implementing, and using their collaboration and contact center solutions. As a Pre-Sales & Technical Supervisor at Jordan Business Systems/MidisGlobal group, Ahmad leads the pre-sales and post-sales activities of the collaboration team at JBS and support the management to expand the business and the collaboration portfolio.

Ahmad is a father of a daughter and 2 sons, travel, food, and sports lover from Amman, Jordan. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn - 


Roray Stewart - As the Senior Videoconference Engineer at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Roray has worked with video conference technologies since 2001 and in his senior role since 2012. He resides and does his work from a remote Scottish Island group in the Northern Atlantic - the Shetland Islands. Believe it or not, he is considered a Viking!  On the island on which he lives, he takes part in some of the fire festivals that celebrate his Viking heritage.


Make sure to reply to this thread with any questions you have about the event or would like me to ask our panelists. 

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What a great Session this is going to be , am looking forward to hear some success stories about how distant learning worked for you guys


Having distance learning work for all students is a challenge indeed, WebEx is one of the best tools that be used in such situation, but without equal access by all students to the tools (internet,pc....) and no Sufficient planning period and training for both students and teachers this can be hard.

How did you manage to overcome these obstacles and how did you manage to drive the adaption of existing curriculum or developed an new syllabus for



@Nashaatmusa  , Indeed, we encountered many challenges prior to the rollout, including but not limited to, time limitation before a total lockdown, lack of prior information about the system, and don't forget that we were targeting a charity society, so expect no budget for this.
We overcame these challenges with intensive cooperation and hard efforts from all concerned parties, Training Workshops, we trained the trainers, after that, we start utilizing Cisco Webex itself to expand the targeted trained people (teachers and students), We started with basic features, then deep dive based on the user's needs. The beautiful side of the story is that Cisco Webex with its rich full features was always there and ready to answer the end-users concerns and tackle their business requirements!

I am looking forward to seeing you online at the event!  

Have a great day!

Rising star

I see (at least) 2 very different types of video-conferencing situations:
1.) organizations/companies etc.. where all members (=meeting-participants) have the same IT-equipment (homogeneous).
2.) meetings of participants with very different technical background (heterogeneous) - this is where I see (amongst others) education.

While e.g. MS-Teams relies a lot on the accessibility to other Microsoft-products (to be able to use Teams´ full potential),
Webex seems more open for meetings of participants with various Software-equipment, from my POV.
This may help to lower the initial hurdle and remove obstacles in collaboration.

Perhaps Cisco may try to focus on that to gain an additional USP ?

I see a growing community of Computer-Users who are not happy with "all cloud", loss of privacy etc.
Esp. in use-cases where "private" and "business" can not be separated clearly (like "learn form home" etc..)
it might be an attractive message to say: "We (Cisco) are different - we do not spy on you" .. or something similar,
a bit like Apple´s  "the computer for the rest of us"...

From an IT-Managers POV it´s also attractive to avoid having a single point of failure by not depending on one single service-provider.

Cisco Employee

@Nashaatmusa asked a question in the event I'd love comments on!

"Are exams for students a part of the Webex education experience, if so -  how do you test comprehension of students?"


My answer from the Webex capability standpoint: Webex Training has a testing engine built in. Many customers leverage this, or integrate with their LMS to use the capabilities of the LMS to administer testing. You can determine what your requirements are and see which option suits your needs most effectively. We have documentation for Webex testing here: and information on our Education Connector here: Your Cisco team can help guide you to consult on what best suits your needs.


What have other educators done and how did it work?

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We are using the Education Connector with Schoology so teacher's are using the LMS testing features for their classes.  We have some adult ed and community classes that don't integrate with Schoology and have used the Webex Testing.  The testing features are very robust and provide a great resource for them to easily provide a test within Webex.  


It isn't used very often though mainly because it's not embedded within meetings.  Our staff use Webex Meetings for almost all classes and having to use a different app and post a new meeting link when a test is needed in a class is problematic for students and sometimes teacher's as well.    Hopefully this will be migrated to Webex Meetings as part of the updates.

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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hello all,

Good news! The recording of this event is now available. Check it out here -

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