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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Community "Ask Me Anything" Event - Using Slido in Webex


This thread is intended for community members to discuss and ask questions specific to using Slido in Webex. With over 20 experts joining us to answer your questions and provide resources, we welcome questions about Slido adoption content, deployment, functionalities, best practices, reporting, etc. 

Featured experts

 stu.jpegStu Bailey has been with Webex for 4 months and focuses on curating adoption content, specifically for our End Users. In particular, Stu has helped create the Desk Pro adoption pack, Slido stater kit and prior to joining Webex, he worked with Cisco as a partner for 3 years, during that time Stu’s and his team created over 40 ebooks which all live in


katarina.jpegKatarina Schifferová joins Webex from the Slido team and currently acts as a Customer Care Lead. You may remember her from the incredible team that participated in the community's previous event highlighting Slido. Katarina will be helping answer any product-related questions and make sure you get the resources you need to have a successful use of Slido in Webex.


This thread is open to all IT Admins, End Users, Adoption Champions, and Partners. 5 random members who respond to this post will win a box of freshly branded Webex swag! Marking responses as helpful is encouraged. Enjoy!

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@Cole Callahan : How can i integrate Slido with my power point presentations ?

Hi @inderdeepsingh1 ,

Thanks for being the first person to post a question here on the AMA thread!

You can learn about installing the Slido Powerpoint integration (works on PC) here -

As you use the integration in PowerPoint, you will be able to set your slides up to automatically trigger Slido polls in the Webex meeting.

When you log in to Slido in PowerPoint, you will see all your events from your account and you can click on the one you want to link to your presentation.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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Can Slido be enabled on a per-user basis or must it be enabled organization-wide?

Hi @archie_flip 

Slido integration should be enabled on Org-wide level by Org Admin.

You should have the toggle in Control Hub under the Apps section. Please see the screenshot.

Intrado Slido.png

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@stubailey Slido was just switched on for our school system. As the school admin, what is the best way to communicate ways of using it in the classroom for our teachers? School starts up in a couple of weeks and am in a rush to get any info on slido to everyone.

also, any recommendations on how to use slido in a hybrid classroom?

Hey @sampsxn , 
We have quite a lot of Slido adoption content in Webex Admin Essentials. There's Use Cases, Quick Start guides, Customisable email template which you can edit and send out to the faculty.

I've packaged up all of the Slido content for you here.
You should be able to use most of (I think there's one Use Case that you might not need) but it should all be helpful for you and your teachers to learn more about Slido and how to use it. 

The best tip for Hybrid classroom is to try and prep the Slido sessions in advance, then have teachers share their web browser so students can see the Slido code and password, or students can scan the QR code on screen with their mobiles and contribute via their smart phone or tablet. 

Slido also have great use cases for using Slido in Education which should help give some inspiration too! Plus there is a video on YouTube which although talks about Hybrid Meetings, it still resinates with Hybrid Education parctices: (12) 5 Best Practices for Successful Remote-Friendly or Hybrid Meetings | SLIDO VLOG - YouTube

I hope that helps? And good luck!

P.S. If you need any more adoption help or are looking for new content, you can always go to and you should find everything you need there!

To get to the Adoption Resources hub, just click on the blue bar at the top and that's where you will be able to find and search for all of the content you should need... I've taken a screen shot to help show you  
Adoption resources hub in essentials.webex.comAdoption resources hub in



@Cole Callahan : Thanks will look into it.


todays event was very informative. Will I be able to use Slido in breakout rooms? if not, is it planned?

You can run the breakout rooms, but with the integration, the host cannot yet ask individual questions per room. They can give the same polls to all rooms at the same time though.

Here's the guide with screenshots on using Slido in multiple breakout rooms:

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To add to that... If a host joins a breakout room they will no longer see the App Hub, so make sure to be aware of that.

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If I want to demo Slido on a call with a customer who is still on slow channel version 41.2, can the customer open Slido from the Webex meeting? 

HI @Elisabeth.Schmutzer 

Thanks for the question! The participants should be able to see and respond to a poll regardless of their version. The host needs to be on 41.6+ to start the poll.

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Thanks very much

Flemming Ortvald

What are the timeframe for Slido localized in Danish?


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