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How to host stellar retrospectives for better team results - Slido

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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In an ideal world, we would give great feedback and evaluate every project in an efficient yet engaging way. Our teams would always learn from past mistakes and constantly improve.
Join this webinar to make this ideal a reality. We will chat with expert Dave Bailey about the power of retrospectives and how to set up meetings and processes that will help your team reflect, learn from each other and succeed!

In 60 minutes, we will cover:

  • Expert tips from Dave Bailey on how to run stellar retrospectives
  • How to navigate the biggest challenges of team retrospectives
  • Slido’s favorite interactive activities and the best engagement tactics

Everyone is welcome to join the webinar - no previous Slido experience necessary!

register here greenblue-02.png

NOTE: This webinar is hosted by the Slido team. We look forward to seeing you there!

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