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Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee

Hybrid Work. Made Real. A Webex Special Event



In a world that is moving quickly to hybrid work, how can you unlock human potential? 

Webex powers inclusive hybrid work by reimagining both employee and customer experiences, bringing everyone together to achieve great things. 

Join us as we unveil industry-first innovations that will address your most pressing concerns: 

  • How do you facilitate a safe return to the office? 
  • How should your offices change to meet the new hybrid work model? 
  • How can you ensure your remote employees feel included, and have an equal seat at the table? 
  • How do you enable employee well-being, and remove fatigue wherever they work from? 
  • How can you create delightful customer experiences in this digital world? 
  • How can you scale and secure all of it? 

If you are looking for a blueprint to create inclusive hybrid work, do not miss this event! 

Register now for the Hybrid Work. Made Real. event at 


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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hi @Mitchell Drysdale ,

Thanks for posting about this event here in the Webex Community.

In our Community events, we talk a lot about the Hybrid Workplace and gather perspective from members as to what questions they have to answer to move closer to a hybrid environment. This event should answer a lot of those questions, so I am thrilled our community members have the opportunity to attend.

If you have any questions about this before, after, or during the event, feel free to post those here and we will do what we can to get those answered.

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I do hope that this will support Video Mesh!

Video Mesh works with Webex and is part of the solution.

Gina Cline
Rising star

Very much looking forward to this 'Hybrid Work' event -- have shared with all of my customers!



quick question... is this where I comment for free stuff?

You’re in the right place! 5 random people that respond to this event post before, during, or after the event will win some free Webex swag!


   Looking forward to get some cool news!

Use Webex :)

Will webcast stay event center 3000 only?

We are introducing Event license with higher capacity of 5K, 10K, 25K and 100K in late June to be available to order.

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Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee



A big day for Webex! 

Twenty-five years ago, Webex was born from a vision that collaboration is more than verbal conversations – that 80 percent of communication is non-verbal and video conferencing allows people to collaborate more effectively. At the time, video conferencing was reserved for a select few and not inclusive for all. Webex changed all that. 

And twenty-five years later, from our founding as the industry’s first video conferencing solution, we continue to innovate to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Webex now provides a powerhouse portfolio of collaboration products, including Calling, Meetings, Messaging, Polling, and Events that span the most sophisticated conference rooms to headsets and personal webcams. 

We are about to experience a disruption just as momentous as last year’s sudden shift to remote work. As the world slowly comes out of the pandemic, companies are starting to contemplate a future of hybrid work where some people will work from home, some from the office, and some anywhere in between. 

Because innovation has always remained at the heart of Webex, we are ready to address the most pressing concerns of our customers as they make that transition. Building upon our most recent learnings on remote work realities the global pandemic taught us, today we are excited to launch a new Webex Suite. 

The new Webex Suite represents our commitment to helping our customers and partners achieve their highest potential as they move from the old world of remote work to the new world of hybrid work. Inclusivity is at the heart of Webex, and this value system is embodied in our brand. It is also the beating heart of Cisco’s purpose – to power an inclusive future for all. 

We are excited to share the new Webex Suite with you, along with our new brand system that embodies our commitment to lead the new era of hybrid work. 

Learn more at the Hybrid Work. Made Real. event June 8-9. 

Check out all of the huge Webex announcements in the following blogs/releases: 

Any questions? Feel free to respond to the post. We will have experts from our team on standby to answer any questions you have.

Make sure to share your thoughts here in the Webex Community! 5 random people that respond to this event post before, during, or after the event will win some free Webex swag!