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Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee

Hybrid Work. Made Real. A Webex Special Event



In a world that is moving quickly to hybrid work, how can you unlock human potential? 

Webex powers inclusive hybrid work by reimagining both employee and customer experiences, bringing everyone together to achieve great things. 

Join us as we unveil industry-first innovations that will address your most pressing concerns: 

  • How do you facilitate a safe return to the office? 
  • How should your offices change to meet the new hybrid work model? 
  • How can you ensure your remote employees feel included, and have an equal seat at the table? 
  • How do you enable employee well-being, and remove fatigue wherever they work from? 
  • How can you create delightful customer experiences in this digital world? 
  • How can you scale and secure all of it? 

If you are looking for a blueprint to create inclusive hybrid work, do not miss this event! 

Register now for the Hybrid Work. Made Real. event at 


Make sure to subscribe to this thread to get updates on speakers and agenda! 

5 random people that respond to this event post before, during, or after the event will win some free Webex swag!


Long and prosper live to Project Squared, I'm so excited with the new logo and features!

Brandon Rebbe

Will the process for ordering, changing and renewing licenses become easier and or possibly moved on line similar to what Zoom and MS do? Our clients are asking for more freedom to change license QTY for users and options without having to process orders and wait days to get things changed. 

Thanks for posting here in the Webex Community and attending today's special event!

@yhung should be able to help you with your question and will be replying shortly.

Response Signature

Hello @Brandon Rebbe 


Thank you for your feedback. We are continuing to improve our Online platform on for you to be able to complete your transactions easily from the Webex Online platform.

If you have specific feedback please feel free to reach out to me directly.



Would love to setup time to talk about what our experience has been and what our clients are asking for.     

Mark Holden

Good luck with the rebrand Cisco! FIngers crossed for swag!

Bernhard Albler

Will webcast stay ec3000 only?

Kathy N.
VIP Advisor

Looking forward to when we have 1 app with all the new features.  This transition period is confusing for our users.  Also like the new logo although I was hoping you'd keep some of the rainbow colors.


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Krystal Janisch

This was a great event. Will the recording be sent out? Thank you! 

@Krystal Janisch Thanks for joining us! Yes, I can make sure to add the link to this post once the recording is available on youtube. 

Response Signature

Here is the recording @Krystal Janisch -


Response Signature

I keep getting the "Video is not available" error message from this link -- is this working for others?



@Gina Cline It should be embedded in the comment above now. Try refreshing  

Response Signature

That link works, but it is for a 3:30 min string of commercials, not the 'Hybrid Work' event (Unless I missed a link somehow)

I believe once the later broadcast concludes (two separate broadcasts to accommodate time zones), the broadcast will be available for playback for 45 days post-event!

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