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Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee

Hybrid Work. Made Real. A Webex Special Event



In a world that is moving quickly to hybrid work, how can you unlock human potential? 

Webex powers inclusive hybrid work by reimagining both employee and customer experiences, bringing everyone together to achieve great things. 

Join us as we unveil industry-first innovations that will address your most pressing concerns: 

  • How do you facilitate a safe return to the office? 
  • How should your offices change to meet the new hybrid work model? 
  • How can you ensure your remote employees feel included, and have an equal seat at the table? 
  • How do you enable employee well-being, and remove fatigue wherever they work from? 
  • How can you create delightful customer experiences in this digital world? 
  • How can you scale and secure all of it? 

If you are looking for a blueprint to create inclusive hybrid work, do not miss this event! 

Register now for the Hybrid Work. Made Real. event at 


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5 random people that respond to this event post before, during, or after the event will win some free Webex swag!


Of course -- that makes sense!


People focus is cool, but I hope it will also be supported on the webex app and not just devices.  I am still waiting for name tags to be supported on the app.  In a hybrid world, this is even more important.


For those following this post, here is the product idea mentioned by @dominic.fidler . Feel free to vote on it to add emphasis to the need -

All ideas in the User Community Feedback portal go straight to our product team. By adding your vote, you will receive live updates when/if the status of the idea changes.

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Roray Stewart

Great event, liking the re-brand but will take me a moment to stop looking for the old logos


We're going to be hybrid for staff and students for the next academic year starting in August but still not 100% clear how that is actually going to work and look. As was said by Jeetu in his chat with Chuck this next year may be a greater challenge than the past one.


Upcoming feature we're most looking forward to is Slido, thankfully it's just round the corner.


Keep up the good work.

Jonas Fraga

Great Event and a lot of innovation!

John Pell

Really good event with lots of information covered.  Good to have a 6 month check point since Webex One and to see the new branding launched.  I really like the concept behind the new logo and how it is entwined with the story of Innovation.

Biggest thing for me was the jump from 400 to 800 features within the past 3 months and that will be the norm moving forwards - not sure how the good guys and gals in the Webex dev teams will keep up with that but good luck to them.

Diane Beier

Francine Katsoudas and Arianna Huffington are an amazing voice.    Empathy is magic


Very exciting news announced. Eager to take a look at the partner presentations.

Mohsin Alam
Cisco Employee

WEBEX = The new office.
party, music, games all in one place  
The only thing that has kept me sane during the pandemic.


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Anil Patil

I attended this session & its very informative.


Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Congratulations to our 5 swag winners... @jeffrey.moura1 @Bernhard Albler @hok @Krystal Janisch @Jonas Fraga  I will be reaching out to you directly.



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Hello @Cole Callahan 

Thank you for that. Waiting for contact  

Thanks @Cole Callahan , this is soo cool !!

Congratulations @jeffrey.moura1 !!!

Cisco Employee

Congratulations y’all!
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