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Join Our Research for Webinars Integration with HubSpot & Eloqua

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


 Webinars Integration with HubSpot & Eloqua

Hello Webex Community, 

We need your help to create world-class Webex Webinar integrations with Marketing tools. Specifically, I am looking for marketing personnel who use Eloqua or HubSpot. Extra points if you also use Webex Webinars/Events but not a requirement. 

This is going to be a 1:1 user interview focused on understanding how you plan, execute, track and analyze events in Eloqua or HubSpot. You get the idea – if you are (or have been) in demand generation or lead generation marketing, we’d love to hear from you.  Sounds interesting?

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Or leave a message in this thread and I will be happy to follow up. (I am in EST time zone.) 

Not a marketeer but have input on the integration? Feel free to reach out – we appreciate your help in building better products. 

Looking forward to your feedback, and thanks for your interest!  If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this post. 

 We will be drawing three winners from our interview participants to win a Webex gift bag. 



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We HAVE Eloqua at the company, that is used for mailings etc...  however, I have never touched it, or know how to use it.

We use Eloqua to send emails to our students...  I'm pushing to integrate Webex to communicate with our students better.

SO, I'd like to follow this space, and find out what integrations Webex can/will have with Eloqua.


Thanks for your message Rikard.

I'd like to understand your use case better even though you are not an Eloqua user. Feel free to send a message or book time using the link in this thread.

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @gaurahuj ,

It's great to have a member of our product team here in the community. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to our community members to help.

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