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Now, You’ve Got the License to...

...Save time!  

With new features in Control Hub, managing the Webex instance in your organization has now gotten easier with these time-saving updates. Check out these and other awesome new features now available in Webex: 

Automatic licensing: Set up automatic license control in Control Hub to automatically grant new users the correct licenses. Use organization, group, or individual settings for calling, meeting, and messaging, and avoid the time-consuming process of manually applying licenses. 


Customize your analytics dashboard: View and access your data your way by custom building your analytics dashboard. Use our comprehensive library of KPIs and charts for Meetings, Messaging, Calling, and Webex devices to tailor what you see so you can find what you need quickly! 

Control Hub_Analytics.jpg

Remove guests from your conference call: Did you realize you accidentally added someone to your conference call? Or maybe the call shifted focus and not everyone needs to be there anymore? Either way, you can now remove people from your conference call. 


Fully immerse yourself in meetings: New Bang & Olufsen headsets create immersive, high-quality meeting experiences with acoustics optimized for audio, adaptive noise cancelation, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity. They're also comfortable enough for all-day wear. 


Move your meeting with a QR code: Do you need to leave your desktop but don't want to miss the end of your meeting? Scan a QR code to seamlessly move your meeting to the Webex Meetings mobile app without missing a beat. 

Meetings_QR Code_.jpg


Capture every word with closed captions: Whether you're in a Webex meeting or webinar, you can show or hide automated captions to make your meetings more accessible. Adjust the caption box size to show more text at once or make it smaller to optimize video space. 

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