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Cisco Employee

Slido Adoption Content is here!

Hey there folks! We have some good news for Slido Adoption content!

We’ve created a Slido Adoption Starter Kit that has a SUPER useful “how-to” video to help Slido Newbies learn all about the Slido integration, plus 4 Use Cases, a Quick Start Guide for IT Admins, a Quick Start Guide for users and 2 email templates for IT Admins to send to your employees and help the Slido adoption effort!

You can access all of the materials for Slido here:
Feel free to share this link out, it’s now fully “Public”.

Just a note: All of the these assets will be localized soon too. So keep an eye out for that.. “coming soon”.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply in the comments below.

Take care and have a great rest of week.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 10.27.41.png


The IT Help shows enabling SLIDO app via Control Hub.

Although we have the Control Hub, We manage our Webex via the site administrator for each of our sites.

Is there a way to enable it in the local site admin?

@rikardkrvaric are the sites linked to Control Hub / Webex Org even though they are managed from Site admin? If they are linked then enabling Slido in Control Hub, will enable slido for sites linked / managed from your Org. Webex Site needs to be on 41.6 and there is rollout schedule based on cluster. Slido will be enabled to all sites associated with your Org once you enable the toggle in the Control Hub.

Yes, actually, we're on 41.7.3 already.

In the Control Hub, I go to Management > Apps, and I see "Integrations and Bots", as well as "Tabs".

I click Manage under "Integrations and Bots", and I see dozens of Integrations...  but no Slido.

If you are not seeing this yet, check the roll out calendar.  Your admin will also need to enable it for your site.  If you don’t see it yet, check your Cluster Rollout Calendar for new features.  This one should be the 41.6 Feature enhancement, which Cisco could take until the end of July 2021 for it to update your cluster.

Not just regular feature enhancements...  Slido is a special feature enhancement, aside from your regular enhancement, I see..

Here it is...


We had 41.6 features enabled on June 30, but Slido features are a SPECIAL feature to be enabled... and for us that was enabled this morning. So, you have to look for the special Slido features being enabled, not just the regular 41.6 features enabled.


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