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Walkthrough Wednesdays
Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Walkthrough Wednesday: Enable seamless virtual learning with Webex Education Connector


 In this Walkthrough Wednesday event, Business Solutions Architect Fred King will be joining us to detail the Webex Education Connector and how it can enable seamless and continuous virtual learning. Topics and demoes include:

- Introduction to the Webex Education Connector
- Architectural discussion of API’s and LTI 1.1
- A functional demo of Integration within Moodle
- Adoption materials for Webex Education Connector



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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

This post has been updated with the slides, QA, and recording of the event! If you have any questions, feel free to post them on this thread.

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Kathy N.

Will the Hands On Labs functionality be available in the future?  Currently teachers are creating the class in Schoology using the Training option but then have to login to the web portal to configure the Hands On Lab computers.

Hey Kathy!!  Thanks for reaching out!  Great question. 

The workflow you mentioned above is required to address your Use Case as of now.  I will reach out to the BU and see what potential options we will have in the future with Hand-On Labs.  My understanding is that function is supposed to move into Meetings so I believe that would be the first step.

Kathy N.

In Schoology, the Admin Console option is the first choice in the Setup Tab.  Teachers often click on this option and then disable office hours, classroom collaboration, etc. thinking it's just for their course.  Can the Admin Console option either be moved to the bottom of the Set Up tab or made visible only to admins in Schoology?


Thank you

Admin Console should only be viewable within the LMS by those with Admin Roles.  Let me talk with the BU about having it moved to the bottom of the page or possibly to another place to reduce confusion.  I think that is a great idea!!

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