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ACI Leaf reset reason: reset-triggered-due-to-ha-policy-of-reset

Gilad Meirovich
Level 1
Level 1


Recently some ACI Leaf-Switches did a reset reason: reset-triggered-due-to-ha-policy-of-reset

Service: epm hap reset
Version: 14.2(2f)
Hardware: N9K-C93180LC-EX

I cant understand why this is happening

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Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you have any core dumps on the switch?

show cores


You're likely hitting  I'd recommend you upgrade to the latest 4.2(7) release or 5.2(3).  Both of which have been patched.


It seems that there is a continuous increase in the memory (I did the command: vsh -c "show system internal epm mem-stats detail" | grep EPM_MEM_epm_dbg_rec_idx_t several times).

Do You know what is the meaning of "Schedule a reload of the TOR to recover the memory"?


I infer from the bug description that this is caused by a continuous eps moves, so if I upgrade the Fabric to a newer version (as You suggested) will it stop the memory leak although eps moves still happens?

The "schedule reload" was a work around to address the accumulating memory leak when running an affected version (your older version).  Now that you're upgraded, this issue should no longer occur.  EP moves are fine, as long as memory management on the switches cleans itself up which the software is expected to do.


Hi Robert


The output:

Leaf-Switch# show cores
VDC    Module    Instance    Process-name    PID    Date(Year-Month-Day Time)

---    ------    --------    ----------- -------   ------------------------
1        1             1                 epm              19515      02/18/2022 12:22:34

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