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ACI spine design

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Hey guys -

can I get feedback regarding an idea we are floating, for turning up a new ACI fabric.  We have a site thats spread across several buildings (connected with dark fiber).  We have 1 main DC building and another building with legacy DC switches.  We are thinking abt installing a 9504 with N9K-X9736PQ or a N9K-X9732C-EX, in our main DC building and then installing a 9336PQ in the smaller building, and then connecting them over a streched pod/fabric.  The idea is that building A will scale larger, in terms of leafs, and building B will most likely stay small.

are there any issues with mixing 9500s and 9336s in the spine layer (other than scale)?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Yes, this will be fine mixing the 9500s and 9336s for your spines.

Also, if you want to compare the differences refer to the following data sheets:

Hope this helps,

Michael G

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