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APIC password recovery

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Level 1

I am trying to get my APIC controler cluster up and running. I got the first APIC controller to be configured, but the next two I want to have in my cluster when I run the setup utility I never get prompted to enter a password. I then use the resue user account to erase the APIC setup configuration on the last two APIC controllers, which works. However when the APIC controllers reboot and the setup utility runs again I still never get prompted to enter a password.

Of course if I complete the setup, I am presented the prompt, but I am locked out of the APIC controller. Anyone know why this is happening?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Essentially, what you will need to do after you've completed the setup dialog on APICs 2 and 3 is go back to APIC 1 and login to the WEB GUI to proceed. On APIC 1, you will go to Fabric > Inventory and accept your leaf and Spine nodes into the fabric. After the fabric nodes have been discovered and accepted into the fabric, the APIC cluster will form and then the Password and User you entered in APIC setup will sync across the fabric. 

Ok so so I attempted to register the leaf switches and I gave my two 9372 swithc a node ID and name. However at the end I see it says the switch hardware is not supported. Will that prevent the Fabric from forming?

Ok so my problem I figured out is the version of firmware on my APIC controllers only support specific hardware....

Hardware = N9K-C9396PX

Software = 11.0.2j

I am running the N9K-C9372TX model, anyone know how to upgrade the APIC controllers before I try to bring them up in a cluster?

Got my APICs upgraded and was able to register my switches. After that I was able to assign node IDs & names to my switches, now I can see my fabric up and running on the dashboard. Thanks to mtimm & stcorry for pointing me in the right direction.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What version of code is running on the APICs?  In early code the setup utility would not tell you that you don't need to enter a password on the other APICs.  However, since 1.1(1j) the setup utility has been updated to state that the password is only required to be entered on APIC1 and that the APICs syncronize the admin password once fabric discovery is complete.


It is running version 1.0(2J), and I essential want to get all of my APIC controllers upgraded to match the version I have on my swithes which is 11.1.3f.

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