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Hey Guys,When creating a L3out with ACI Multi-site to communicate outside of the fabric, is this done within the APIC and not the MSO?Is the L3out configuration within the MSO just relating to inter-site communication across evpn bgp ? 

Trying to backup newly deployed ACI fabric and it fails will an error code:Fault delegate: Configuration backup/restore job 2020-09-16T09-42-04 failed with error: Upload failed, Remote file not found I can upload files to the sftp server without issu...

joeharb by Level 5
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Hi community, When I created an EPG-L3Out Contract (with L3Out having the mentioned config), I tried to show zoning-rule to see if the rules contained pcTag of 15 for L3Out EPG. The pcTag of EPG was 16399  As per the result of the command (on non-Bor...


Hello, We have an aci fabric in multipod with UCS and VMM integration.2 leaf are connected to 2 fabric interconnect via Vpc. What will happen when we reach the vlan limit(3960) on both leaf and fabric interconnect ?Do we need to buy other Fabric inte...

mgual by Level 1
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Hello Cisco Community, I have the following problem in a three Multi-Pod fabric:I can't reach the Hosts within the same EPG in Pod 3. Pod 1 & Pod 2 Hosts are reachable but not Pod 3. The two hosts are in the same subnet, epg and vlan:Host 1: