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ACI APIC setup

Hi all, quick question: When you configure the APICs one by one, and once you have configured two of them, are you supposed to see the second one in the GUI topology view once you have browsed and logged into the first ? Note: There is no Spine or Le...

ksherwood by Beginner
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Unable to use fex port

Good morning, I have a really strange problem : I added a fex to the fabric as usual, the fex comes online, but when I go in the tenant to add a port from the fex to the EPG's, the selection doesn't show the new fex interfaces. The fex is in the in...

network by Beginner
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ip video surveillance

Hello. Helped pick up the equipment for the organization of ip video surveillance business, the Enterprise on an area of ​​about 700 square meters with ststemy integrated access control and alarm systems . It will be used 200 ip video cameras. An ent...

Resolved! ACI - Can't reach hosts outside the fabric until traffic is inititated from an outside host into a fabric-connected host

I have a group of ports statically mapped to the same EPG and VLAN on my ACI fabric.  One of the ports connects to an uplink port on a 3750x stack.  From the hosts on the fabric, I cannot ping hosts on the 3750 until I initiate traffic from the hosts...

bascheew by Beginner
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Do we need an additional physical dot1q port to connect vmware VMs

I have a simple question. I am still on a basic level of ACI setup, version 1.3. Trying to figure out how things should be done etc. So, I managed to connect to my vcenter. This is obviously  being done through management VRF because I do not have a...