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I have a simple question. I am still on a basic level of ACI setup, version 1.3. Trying to figure out how things should be done etc. So, I managed to connect to my vcenter. This is obviously  being done through management VRF because I do not have a...

Hi, Layer3 vlan configured on switch and my fex are connected to leaf nad server connected fex port X SWITCH(layer3 configured) -vpc- LEAF - pc - FEX - serve.  Example: L3 vlan on switch - 100 i have configured VPC between switch and leaf, configure...

Resolved! ACI Programming

HI All,   I would like to automate ACI using cURL command and Shell script from Linux machine. I would like to use JASON scripts for ACI Configuration using this. I would like to automate below tasks using JASON script. 1 Tenant Creation 2 ZONE/VRF ...