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Hi guys,   I set up a small testing Cisco ACI and a VMware environment. Unfortunately I’m not able to communicate between two VM’s.   web01: static IP -> Network: BLABLA|MyTwoTierApp|web db01: static IP -> Network: BLABLA|...

Hi All, Can I SPAN the EPGs (everywhere) to a directly port attached in the specific leaf? i have 2 spines and 20 (1-20) leafs with almost 50 EPGs. and i want to SPAN 50 EPGs around the 20 leafs to a specific port in the leaf 15 ( monitoring server...

Hi all,  I am trying to understand the configuration points surrounding service graph template to insert a load-balancing service between 2 EPG's.  Please let me know if my understanding is correct: .  When creating a service graph template, indicat...

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