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Resolved! How to add description to ACI Fabric > Inventory through API

Hello, For a Postman Runner collection that I am working on I need to create a request that will update the description under the Fabric > Inventory > Interfaces side of the fabric. I usually do most of my scripting through just doing the config in t...

Strange case on L3out

Hello everyone, I'm currently testing L3out by statical route on my fabric. I followed many documentation for configuring everything (Tenant, EPG, BD, Subnet, L3out contract, and so on) I've an endpoint behind one leaf under "test" EPG ...

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Endpoint communication breaks randomly between a small group of EPs

A user reached out to explain that a system reported that it lost connectivity to a couple of other systems.  When he logs into the system (via RDP) which generated the alarm and performed pings and traces to the other systems, they work.  10 minutes...