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Hi, I'm trying to deploy the Cloud APIC in Azure and the deployment creates all the elements but the virtual machine remains stuck in the "Creating" state until the deployment fails. If I go to the serial console I can see that the Cloud APIC has boo...

-- updated --was trying some name and simple nameing link SwitchProfileSelector101 seeams to work,but still searching for this strange name or id when you creating it over the gui.-- /updated -- Hi everyone,during i try to script my aci deployment, i...

Hello,   Looking for how to setup L3out (internet access) with checkpoint firewalls in a multipod environment. Each pod has a checkpoint firewall (active-standby mode, the heartbeat will traverse the ACI Fabric).   The checkpoint firewalls can be dua...

For some reason when recovering my MSO cluster with a backup file created the same day the tacacs domain got lost and i cannot log anymore. Next to that the local account isn't working either. Is there a way to reset the password of the local account...

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