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Hi folks,Recenly got a pentest team coming in with a few nginx vulnerabilities found on Cisco APIC.I would like to ask:If there are any way to determine the running nginx version on the Cisco APIC?If upgrading Cisco APIC (and in turn the fabric switc...

Hi,We have a L3Out in which OSPF is enabled. Now, we want to enable eBGP and disable OSPF. The border leaf (and its sub-interface), the external EPG and contracts will not change.1. Is is possible to simply change the protocol in the existing L3Out f...

suneq by Level 1
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My ACI managed datacenter recently went through a full power down and startup due to planned maintenance. All ACI devices were powered completely down for 24+ hours. Once maintenance was complete, the ACI fabric was restarted in the following order. ...

HPCS by Level 1
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Hi folks, I have a client with their production, single-pod fabric running 3.2(3), the one which can be directly upgraded to 4.2(7q). We are proposing upgrading the production fabric first, then going to introduce the other Pod because it is net-new....

Hello, i need to add several hundred EPG to AEP. With single physical Domain associated to AEP it was straight forward. Locate profile of port attached to the AEP and then add the vlans via "switchport trunk allowerd vlan...." which automatically pop...

Ruzjio by Level 1
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