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Cisco ACI 3.2 and windows 2012 NPS for Radius authentication

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Is it possible to add aci as RADIUS client for windows 2012 NPS Radius server?

We tried from windows 2003 IAS radius server but login fails so decided to give a try from 2012 NPS server.

I couldn't find any document related to this configuration



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We got it working with 3.1 and 2012:







Did you verify the NPS Log file ?


Also, authentication in the GUI is selectable, if you use SSH you should use this exact syntax:

login as: apic#RADIUS\\username


How about windows 2003 IAS server?

Existing setup is 2003 IAS server but authentication is failing so customer trying another option  to deploy windows 2012 NPS server.

.Also from RADIUS server logs  end  they don't see any authentication related events from APIC.

I know windows 2003 IAS is legacy server but I want to know if any documents which says supported or unsupported.







Don't know that, for sure some events should be logged in the Radius TXT files on the windows machine

Hello! Could you share the all configuration policy on nps? I did the same configuration but I'm getting error crdetional is mismach.

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