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VMWare upgrade

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Hi folks


We currently have VMM integration in ACI configured and running. VMWare is on version 6.5. We recently upgraded ACI to v.4.0(2c) but we have never gone through a VMWare upgrade.


We plan to go from v.6.5 to v.6.7u2. Will this upgrade affect the VMM integration and the current DVS switch configuration? 


Has anyone done a VMWare upgrade with ACI and VMM integration?


Many thanks


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We're currently trying to install the ACI plugin on vmware 6.7U2, however with no luck. Don't know if you use AVE or the ACI plugin. But we're definitely interested in the answer to your question.

Daniel Ash
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I have successfully done a 6.5 to 6.7 U1 migration with ACI/VMM and AVE.  This had some issues, but we got it to work with the help of Cisco TAC.  I'm interested in this post as well, in the event we find a need to migrate to 6.7 U2.

We experienced an outage after upgrading from ACI/VMM vDS from 6.5 to 6.7U2, apparently LACP blocked all the ports. We have decided to postpone production upgrades until we figure out what happened.

Is there a minimum version of Cisco ACI required before we can upgraded the vDS on vCenter to 6.7U2? The vCenter and ESXi hosts are all on 6.5U2

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We went ahead with the upgrade for vsphere 6.5 to 6.7u2. It went ahead successfully. 

Good for you. DO you have LACP configured on your VMM?

Apologies for the delay in responding to this. 


The Vswitch policy for the VMM is configured as:

LACP with MAC Pinning

LLDP is disabled

CDP is enabled


Our server guys went ahead and did the VSphere upgrade over a weekend and I was not required for the network side, as there were no issues. ACI has picked up the Vcenter as 6.7 and the DVS as 6.5, which is as expected. 


We have UCS connected to ACI for the server farms, so the connection goes through the Fabric Interconnects, so not sure if that is what made the difference for us or not. 




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