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93108-TC-EX comparability with 10Gig Fibre


I have ordered 2 x 93108-TC-EX switches ACI mode for a duel spine and leaf setup.

I now have a requirement to connect 8 x 10Gig fiber connections to my server enclosure.

Can someone kindly recommend the best option,

As per the documentation i can use the QSA module QSA (CVR-QSFP-SFP10G) and insert the SFP-10G-SR or i am not clear if i can use the

 QSFP-40G-SR4 with a break out cable not sure of the PID and if supported on the 93108.

If both are supported what is the better solution to use .

Many thanks 


Jason Williams

Hi Khurram, 

The QSFP ports on N9K leaf nodes are only to be used for spine connectivity. The only option would be to use the 48 copper ports.  

If the servers have any RJ45 ports which support 10Gig, then you could try plugging in copper between the 93108TC and the hosts. If they do not support copper, then your only option with the 93108 is to plug in GLC-T SFPs into the servers and scale down the speed to 1 gig. 

Based on your requirements the 93180YC would be a better fit for your servers. It's the same hardware architecture as the 93108TC. The only difference is the ports are SFP/SFP+ instead of RJ45. 


Hi Jason

Thanks for your reply 

But referring to the following link

It states we can use QSFP ports with the QSA for the 10gig fibre for the 93108-TC-EX - unfortunately i am stuck with the 93108 and need to find a solution - what will happen if i use the QSA with the SFP-10-SR , will the connection not work ?

Kind Regards

Also this link explains the use of the QSFP ports as well

So very confused ...

Kind Regards

Appreciate any advice on this please ;)

 @khashmi did you ever try this out? Did it work?

QSFP ports of the 93108 (fabric ports Eth1/49 and up) are only to be used for connecting to spines, not hosts. If you attempt to configure it for a host, then it will not work. 

The document below does show support for QSA in 2.1(1h). The use case would be for stretch fabric designs when site to site is limited to 10gig fiber.


You cannot use 40G port for server connectivity in 93108-EX. These port are specifically build to use only Switch to Switch connectivity, in your case Spine to Leaf connectivity.


If you wanted 10G fiber port, I would suggest you to look for Cisco Nexus 93180YC switches.

@AKK Thanks. What about this...


I want to connect a northbound link from a UCS 6248 fabric interconnect to this switch. My only supported transceiver option is to use an SFP+ in the FI and one in a QSA module on the QSFP port on the 93108TC-EX (non ACI).


I don't plan to use the L3 capabilities of the 9K switch at this time (long story). I simply want to trunk my VLANs over this connection.


You're saying this older/basic design, which I currently have connected to an old 2960 SFP uplink port, won't work? 

Actually  starting with Cisco APIC Release 3.1(1), uplink and downlink conversion is supported on Cisco Nexus 9000 series switches with names that end in EX or FX (except for the last 2 uplink ports), 93108TC included...

Regarding QSA and Breakout support check the latest release notes.




I should have mentioned a very important detail, which I didn't realize the original poster said, my scenario involves the 93108TC-EX in NX-OS mode (so standalone), not ACI mode.

In standalone mode nothing prevents you to connect to the QSFP ports as long as QSA or Breakout is supported (better check latest release notes and adapter compatibility matrix).


Actually its common to have FI 40G connections to the 93XX 40G ports.





Figured as much. Yep, I've triple verified the supported compatibility. 


Thanks for the help!

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