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ACI service graph L4-L7 ASA integration


Please I need help with ASA L4-L7 service graph. 


I got a lot of faults and I can't troubleshoot that , I need your help please .

 I will try to put the screenshots here in order for you to figure out what's the issue . 

First of all, I have two ASA-5520 in active/failover mode . I connected them and downloaded the device packages , all is okay. I have the network objects that appear and the VLAN sub-interfaces configurations pushed by the APIC on the ASA firewall, I can see all that, ASA_L4L7_VLANsconfig.pnginterface 1348.pngdoesn't pair.pngSVI error.pngnetworkobject.pngFRONT_MIDDLE.png

Cisco Employee

Re: ACI service graph L4-L7 ASA integration



From your outputs/faults its clear that the issue is with applying IP addresses in same subnet on 2 interfaces on the same device. You have configured on Gig0/1.280 and on Gig0/1.348 I guess. You might have BD subnet on the ACI configured as aswell with IP due to which you would be seeing duplicate IP.


You'll need to review your service graph configuration and BD subnet settings for the IPs.




Re: ACI service graph L4-L7 ASA integration

Thanks for your response, so I do need to set IPs for the  FW interfaces  different from the BDs gateways !! cause I do not find any explanation on that ? obviously I do need BDs and subnets (GWs) but in that case you mean that I need to set IPs for internal/external interfaces in differents subnets !!!! 


I had this error SVI IP duplication cause I have defined the same IPs in the BDs gateways and the FW external/internal interfaces in the managed GoTo mode  (screenshots attahced).....But I've cleared the fault by checking the box on the subnet gateway : No Default SVI that mean the GW defined under the subnet BDs by checking this box is no longer acting as a pervasive SVI GW !!!! 



SVI error.pngno_default_SVI_GW.PNG


Thanks again 

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