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ACI SPAN unicast traffic


I am testing a span functionality on ACI but i can't see unicast traffic.

The span session is up, i tried configuring local span, erspan and with cli and web.

I don't see unicast traffic on the destination port ( i am ussing a windows pic with wirshark).

Any idea?.

Thanks and king regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: ACI SPAN unicast traffic

Hi mcusine,


Do you see any other traffic, multicast, broadcast..?


What type of span are configuring (local or erspan)?

If you are using a erspan, did you make sure to decode the erspan in wireshark?


On the leaf where with the source ports, can you run the “show monitor session all” and provide here.






Re: ACI SPAN unicast traffic

Hi Manuel,


Thanks for your reply. I tested again the span on access mode and now work fine, but only on access mode.

I configured from cli and web and on both cases i saw all traffic.

I think the problem was the config on the destination port?. Because yesterday i configured the destination port with a policy. When you configure a span the destination port will be with clear config ( no access policy).


Now i have problem with the EPG configuration, i have configured but i don't see cotrrectly on the cli.

APIC1(config)# show monitor summary
Monitor session summary - Total number of sessions : 1

Type Session State Description Nodes
------------------------ ---------------- -------- -------------------------------- ----------------
access Spantest enabled


And another show :


APIC1(config)# show  monitor access session Spantest


No info appear.


Thanks and king regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: ACI SPAN unicast traffic

What do you mean by having problems with the EPG configuration, which EPG and what configuration?


if you run the “show monitor session 1”. from the leaf where the source ports exist instead of the APIC, what do you get?


Re: ACI SPAN unicast traffic

Hi Manuel,


Thanks for your message, I have no capture when use EPG option.

I need to try again because i am on a remote conection, i will put the info that you request when i have.

Thanks and regards,


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