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AWS and Azure cloud Solutions and its integration with ACI.

Hello Friends,


I am finding training on "AWS and Azure cloud Solutions and its integration with ACI" 


can anybody suggest what contents should be there in outline ?


Thank you!!!


Re: AWS and Azure cloud Solutions and its integration with ACI.

Here are the most common questions I get from Customers:


  • Are there any feature gaps between my private fabric and deploying ACI in the Cloud (Azure, AWS)?
  • Do I need MSO?
  • What additional components do I need to extend my existing ACI fabric into the cloud? 
  • What licensing do I need?
  • Can one of my Pods be in the Cloud?
  • Can my Cloud instance manage a physical Remote Leaf?
  • How can I evaluate ACI in the Cloud?

There is a pretty good CLUS presentation (BRKACI-2690) but it does not cover all of the above.

Assumptions: Some familiarity with AWS and/or Azure and familiarity with ACI

Comment..for an engineering/technical skip the requisite why? changing application landscape etc.  if that is in question point to other content that covers that..there is lots!   That is also why I suggest clearly stating the "entrance criteria" so you don't spend time on ACI 101.  There is alot to cover even in the few topics below.

- Component Overview (much of this is in BRKACI-2690 and in other material)


- Ingredients for extending into the cloud and for starting in the cloud

-- Software

-- Requirements (cheat sheets of these are incredibly valuable)
-- Licensing

-- Cloud Provider Requirements


- Scenario 1 Extension into Cloud (Azure might be good as there is content for AWS) start to finish
Take an on-prem ACI fabric and extend it to the cloud start to finish (you already have pretty good material for this)

- Scenario 2 Cloud Only start to finish

Start with ACI in the cloud only


- Scenario 3 - Stretch my EPG


- Troubleshooting

Review the "changing nature" of troubleshooting in a hybrid and cloud only environment (target network engineers)

- Scenario 4 How can I test this?


- Roadmap (GCP etc)

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