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Cannot Clear Error F0532 Port is down but used by EPG

I am working on cleaning up errors in my ACI Fabric.  The particular CRITICAL error F0532 where the ports are down but used by EPG.  I have cleaned up all with the same errors in other leaves, but only one stuborn leave the error cannot be clear.

Fault Code: F0532  

Severity: Critical

Description: Port is down, reason:sfpAbsent(connected), used by:EPG

ACI version 2.2(1o)

Confirm port is no longer used in EPG with moquery:

APIC1# moquery -c fvRsPathAtt -x 'query-target-filter=eq(fvRsPathAtt.tDn,"topology/pod-1/paths-114/pathep-[eth1/35]")'
No Mos found

Thanks for any suggestions.


Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot Clear Error F0532 Port is down but used by EPG

If its a stale fault, TAC can assist with removing the fault object.  It requires elevated permissions so not something possible to fix yourself.




Re: Cannot Clear Error F0532 Port is down but used by EPG, what is the CSC#### for that bug....because I FLAT OUT REFUSE to accept a scenario where I have to call tac once a week to remove a stale object from their new switching platform using elevated access.


I'm still pissed that you have to call TAC to get TAC Root in order to adjust MYSql Tables in CUCM  / CUC / IM&P / UCCX to clear out expired certs (common bug)


.....but PORT ASSIGNMENTS in a switch seems like something you'd expect the Cisco BU to take seriously>!

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot Clear Error F0532 Port is down but used by EPG

There's not enough information in the post to determine if this is a defect or not. If the interface is a port-channel member, then the DN of the object will be the PC/VPC name. It will not be the switch node/interface.


In current versions, the easiest way to determine what EPG is deployed to a port is to go to Fabric --> Inventory --> Pod --> Switch --> Physical Interfaces --> Interface X/X and select the Deployed EPGs tab. You can review the static/dynamic paths under each EPG to determine which ones should be removed.


Re: Cannot Clear Error F0532 Port is down but used by EPG


CSCvd20182 - Need EPG name in fault F0532 for ease of troubleshooting

Symptom: F0532: Port is down, reason:notconnect, used by:EPG Conditions:

Currently fault code "F0532-Port is down" does not display the name of the EPG's which went down Workaround:

 N/A Further Problem Description: N/A

Severity: 6Status: OpenUpdated: Sep 11,2019Cases:0



CSCvc18667 - Config rollback resulted in F0532

Symptom: Seeing F0532 after a config rollback Conditions: Create vpcs using JSON script.

Then applied config rollback to point before creating vPCs. Workaround: Force delete the faults Further Problem Description:

Severity: 5Status: OtherUpdated: Sep 11,2019Cases:1



CSCuz01754 - add new fault "fltEthpmIfPortDownEPG" to handle only EPG case

Symptom: You are seeing the following fault "Port is down, reason:noOperMembers(connected),

used by:EPG" being classified as F0532 fltEthpmIfPortDownInfraEpg, when there is no Infra on that port Conditions:

Currently, all ports that only have a Usage of "EPG" are classified under this. This is viewable in the documentation:

http://APIC-IP/doc/html/ Fault fltEthpmIfPortDownInfraEpg Workaround: n/a Further Problem Description:

Severity: 3Status: FixedUpdated: Sep 11,2019Cases:1

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