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migration of legacy DC to ACI

we are migrating our old DC to aci


old dc:- n7k----n5k----n2k--- server


data base servers are already migrated to ACI, and few servers which are client server(access services from DB server which are in ACI) are in old dc. we want to migrate client server to aci without impacting the services.

for this we took P2P link between aci and old dc.


spine----leaf-------p2p------n7k---n5k-----n2k--client server. DB svr are connected to leaf.


please suggest good solution in this kind of situation.

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Re: migration of legacy DC to ACI

easiest method would static mapping of EPG's to ports.
Assuming this a network centric migration

Re: migration of legacy DC to ACI

Hi anoop verma,


I can appreciate wanting to do this with no service interruption but I would strongly recommend any kind of maintenance be done during a maintenance window as you never know what will happen. That being said, we just recently did this at my work during the day so maybe I should follow my own advice.


We have the same set up as yours with a cross connect between the ACI fabric and our old core 7k's. I coordinated with our server team and they were able to clear off some of the nodes prior to moving them so that the client servers had no interruption to services (in our case this was for a VDI cluster- about 8 nodes total). Once it's been cleared off you can just go ahead and unplug the nodes from the old 7k and move them to the new ACI leaf.


Just for your consideration, we had 8 nodes but we actually split up this migration over 4 days as we were seeing some concerning utilization in vSphere. So I'm not sure how big your client services cluster is but I would definitely be watching very carefully to see how the rest of the cluster reacts to a node being down.


I hope this answers your question.

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