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Multiple inbaund ip addesses on cisco ACI (SNMP, NTP, Syslog) ??

Hi all,


We are implementing Cisco ACI to the network, we are on management, monitoring part and i have a few concerns/questions.

We are configuring NTP, Syslog, SNMP, Inband management, but the  needs according current network is that we need different IP address on aci devices (APICs and  switches) for each of the services.

We need:

1st IP pool for NTP connected to NTP network (by L3 out)

2nd IP pool for SNMP + syslog connected to Monitoring network (by different L3out)

3rd IP pool for inbaund management connected to management network.


As I understood for those services (snmp, Syslog, Inband management, NTP) the configuration on ACI site should be done in mgmt tenent.


My question is can i create multiple BD in vrf ibn in tenant mgmt and connect each BD with separate In-Bound -Management-EPG?

And create multiple "node managemnt addess" pools. Will ip address from all pools assigned to devices? Will they be on separate loopback or something else ?


Or, if some one had experience with this , can share with us any other idea how to provide multiple Ip address on ACI devices for different mgmt and monitoring services?


Any link with documentation that can explain our needs is welcom. 


Best regards,