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Service-graph - VM state disconnected and oper state down



I'm trying to do a service graph in ACI with a VM Fortigate.


When I add the concrete device, I choose the VM and I get a VM State disconnected and the Oper State is down. I show you that in the file attached. I add the device with OOB IP. The APIC and the FW can ping each other. But I don't know why I have these down and disconnected words.

What could I do ?


Yet, I see the stable state at the bottom of the picture.


I also tried with a VM debian acting as a Firewall, and I have disconnected but the oper state is not down, there is nothing written.


Could you help me ?

Cisco Employee

I see the the same thing in my lab. Even though service graph is rendered and it’s connected to the port-group, I see it’s still disconnected on my APIC GUI under the concrete device. Upon further research these fields were added as part of the compute orchestration feature. For concrete devices created without using compute orchestration, these properties should not be visible in UI (they will always show disabled or disconnected if you are not using compute orchestration)
VM State : VM State : Represents state of the vm, (powered on, powered off etc.)
Management Oper State:  Represents operational status of management interface. (up/down)
This feature was for policy based deployment and VM life cycle management of L4-L7 devices. So the user doesn't have to go to vcenter for the creation and initialization of L4-L7 devices. More here:
Hope this helps.
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Michael G.
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