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ACE10-6500-K9 module in catalyst 6509 gives this error



I have a module ACE10-6500-K9  inserted en module 8 of a catalyst 6509 that gave me this error yesterday.

The workaround is to manually reset the slot ¿ok? I try to reload and the problem persists ¿is neccesary  hardware reset to solve this probem?

Is due to a bug o hardware problem?

%C6KPWR-SP-4-DISABLED: power to module in slot 8 set off (Module not responding to Keep Alive polling)

Thanks you very much

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Hi, a.serrano

The meaning of the message is as it says. Sup, to be specific,  Switch Processor of Sup sent continual keepalives through EOBC path and

did  not hear back for keepalives from ACE in slot 8. So the Sup reset the  ACE blade in slot 8.

I can only say that it could be h/w related or s/w related or due to  slack inserted blade with the message.

If it is h/w related, whichever chassis slot, chassis eobc  path, ACE blade,  the first thing you need to check out is that

failures  in generic on-line diagnostic (GOLD) from Sup side.

Let's  see what diagnostic is running on ACE blade.

Router#show  diagnostic content module 1

Module 1: Application Control Engine Module

  Diagnostics test suite attributes:
     M/C/* - Minimal bootup level test / Complete bootup level test / NA
       B/* - Basic ondemand test / NA
     P/V/* - Per port test / Per device test / NA
     D/N/* - Disruptive test / Non-disruptive test / NA
       S/* - Only applicable to standby unit / NA
       X/* - Not a health monitoring test / NA
       F/* - Fixed monitoring interval test / NA
       E/* - Always enabled monitoring test / NA
       A/I - Monitoring is active / Monitoring is inactive
       R/* - Power-down line cards and need reload supervisor / NA
       K/* - Require resetting the line card after the test has completed  / NA
       T/* - Shut down all ports and need reload supervisor / NA

                                                          Test  Interval   Thre-
   ID   Test Name                          Attributes      day shold
   ==== ================================== ============     =============== =====
     1) TestEobcStressPing --------------> ***D*X**I***    not  configured  n/a
     2) TestFirmwareDiagStatus ----------> M**N****I***    000  00:00:15.00 10
     3) TestAsicSync --------------------> ***N****A***    000  00:00:15.00 10

With ACE blade, "3) TestAsicSync" has "A" flag which means  "Monitoring is active".

SP of Sup is sending  polling packets at a certain interval to check health of an Asic on ACE  blade.

Now let's see failure count of that.

Router#show diagnostic result module 1 detail


    3) TestAsicSync --------------------> .

          Error code ------------------> 0 (DIAG_SUCCESS)
           Total run count -------------> 47297
           Last test execution time ----> Feb 17 2011 05:52:34
           First test failure time -----> n/a
           Last test failure time ------> n/a
           Last test pass time ---------> Feb 17 2011 05:52:34
           Total failure count ---------> 0
           Consecutive failure count ---> 0

If you see failure counters incremented,  check the same thing with other blades inserted in the chassis to know

if  it is specific to slot 8 or seen with multiple slots. (different type  of blade has different type of diagnostic contents)

Also, check  dropped and retry counters SCP as below.

Router#remote  command switch show scp status

Rx 22492903,  Tx 11717042,  scp_my_addr 0x5
Id Sap      Channel name    current/peak/retry/dropped/total   time(queue/process/ack)
-- ---- -------------------