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Cisco Ironport C170 Sudden Inflow of Email

Julia Brown

       We have noticed that int he past couple weeks there has been an increase of blocked emails by reputation. While this is great that Ironport is doing what it's suppose to do, we are concerned that the increase from over 6000 emails blocked to over 40000 emails being blocked by reputation filtering in just 2 weeks is disconcerning. Should we be worried that we have so many emails trying to spam our Exchange but Ironport is blocking it like it suppose to. Is there a way to prevent so much emails trying to come to our Exchange server? I know it might be silly questions but I am new to this game and trying to figure out what's acceptable and what is not.

Just as an fyi, most of the emails we are recieving seems to be originating from a mirmoirr domain which we found is based in Korea but emails IP are from Tempe, AZ. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!           

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Kanwaljeet Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Julia,

i don't think you can prevent emails from being sent to your server. You can only flter them and since proxy is doing what it is supposed to there shouldn't be any cause of worry. If you know the source you might like to put it in black list(or blocked site etc some equivalent option) permanenty.



Thanks for the reply! I know it may have been a silly question or concern and I am very happy the Ironport is performing so well. I had just worried that our numbers were exceeding so much. Thanks for reassuring me and giving me such a prompt answer!

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