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ISR WAAS Failed to match exact application name.



I'm trying to deploy an ISR-WAAS in our China's branch, but i'm getting following error:


Only one WAAS image found locally (harddisk:/ISR-WAAS-5.3.5b.14.ova) - using as default

Extracting profiles from harddisk:/ISR-WAAS-5.3.5b.14.ova, this may take a couple of minutes ...
 Failed to match exact application name


This is the 1st ISR-WAAS deployment (others are inline appliances), so maybe I'm doing something wrong.


RTCNCZX022#sh virtual-service
Virtual Service Global State and Virtualization Limits:

Infrastructure version : 1.6
Total virtual services installed : 0
Total virtual services activated : 0

Machine types supported   : KVM, LXC
Machine types disabled    : none

Maximum VCPUs per virtual service : 6
Resource virtualization limits:
Name                         Quota     Committed     Available
system CPU (%)                  75             0            75
memory (MB)                  10240             0         10240
bootflash (MB)                1000             0          1000
harddisk (MB)                20000             0         18235
volume-group (MB)           190768             0        170288



System image file is "bootflash:isr4300-universalk9.03.15.04.S.155-2.S4-std.SPA.bin"
Last reload reason: Reload Command

Technology Package License Information:

Technology    Technology-package           Technology-package
              Current       Type           Next reboot
appx             appxk9           Permanent        appxk9
uc               uck9             Permanent        uck9
security         securityk9       Permanent        securityk9
ipbase           ipbasek9         Permanent        ipbasek9

cisco ISR4351/K9 (2RU) processor with 7809729K/6147K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
32768K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
16777216K bytes of physical memory.
13807615K bytes of flash memory at bootflash:.
20971520K bytes of SATA hard disk at harddisk:.
30497632K bytes of USB flash at usb0:.


Any idea?

It is a single router in a remote branch, so I was planning to deploy as

ISR-WAAS at a Single-Router Remote Site—Configured Using EZConfig

Following this design guide:


Chosen version 5.3.5b because it is the same we are running on all the others.

Didn't configured the SRV and DNS entries for WCM, as design guide stated that WCM could be set manually during the OVA istallation proccess.


THanks in advance



ISR WAAS Failed to match exact application name.

Case Solution:
It looks like you are encountering Bug CSCuu23859.

The release notes of ISR-WAAS state that this issue has been resolved in software v5.5.5 (According to the screenshot you are running v5.5.1)

BugSearch CSCuu23859

ISR-WAAS Release Notes

Hi both,


The problem you're facing is that you have to use at least WAAS version 5.4.1 when you're dealing with an ISR-4351.

The version you're trying is only supported (and installable) on ISR-4451.


Try to use 5.4.x or better 5.5.x something - that will do the trick for you.


Best Regards