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Pending(CM is busy, retry later)

show cms info says Pending(CM is busy, retry later).

Both Core and Edge have the same message.

Initially thet were all attached. Rebuilt CMS with 4.1.3 and now WAE r not attaching to CMS. Do they have to be same version as CMS? They are 4.1.1c.16.

I cannot de register to re register.

On one of them I rebuilt the WAE using the recovery image 4.1.3 and it is fine. But I am not comfortable doing the same on second with knowing the cause.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Pending(CM is busy, retry later)

You can try configuring the command "cms deregister force".


Re: Pending(CM is busy, retry later)

Did you upgrade the CM first before the WAEs? The recommended order of upgrades is Standby CM first (if you have one), followed by the Primary CM and then the rest of the WAEs. A newer CM will be able to manage an older WAE version.

If this was done ok, please go ahead and deregister the WAEs from the CM using "cms deregister force" and then re-register them back to the CM.

Cisco Employee

Re: Pending(CM is busy, retry later)

Could you provide more detail about "Rebuilt CMS with 4.1.3 and now WAE"?

What is WAAS version on CM device, is it 4.1.1c?

How many WAE devices are deployed in your network?

Could you post recent messages(for last 20-30 min) in CM and WAE local1/errorlog/cms_log.current files?

Re-registering WAE devices is usually not needed, I'd refrain from doing it until the issue is understood.


Re: Pending(CM is busy, retry later)

It is fine now. I have to read more doc to understand. The Cisco guide is not in detail abt logs and troubleshooting.

1.CM and 2 WAE's were 4.1.1c

2. upgraded CM with 4.1.3 using the recovery disk and both were offline.

3.Cannot deregister on WAE as it kept saying that it was already registered.

4. Upgraded WAE's to 4.1.3 and they were fine.

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