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WAAS management and CM

Hi guys.

We are going to install a wave-7541-k9  and a wave 294 (CM) in the central site and wave 674 in the remote locations.

I know that´s possible to assign a specific physical interface for management purposes only, but I have some questions.

We thought in this way because we are not able to route the customer´s IP within our management environment and we also don´t want to get our management IP being routed within the customer´s environment.

We own the routers in the locations. The WAAS must optimize/accelerate traffic for 2 routers in each location.

Basically the idea is to use the primary interface for production traffic and also as source for the CM connection.

Then, use the other physical interface available to configure a /30 and connect it directly to one of our CPEs which is gone be the management.

The primary interface is going to be connected to the customer´s switch and we will use WCCP for redirection.

The management interface is going to be connected directly to one of our routers.

The plan is to monitor the equipment via that directly connected link (polling made from our monitoring tools and also as source of the traps).

I want to make sure the IP chosen by CM is the production interface´s IP and not the management one.

Also the CM interfaces must be set in the same way (one for production and one for management).

If there any best practices for that situation, recomendations or anything you guys consider valid, I would appreciate