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WAAS out of session - Symantec End Point

Rafael Romero


We have a router 3845 with a WAE-522-K9. Eventually we have received notifications about "session limit" and we got this:

Current Active Optimized Flows: 790

Current Active Optimized TCP Plus Flows: 790

Current Active Optimized TCP Only Flows: 0

Current Active Optimized TCP Preposition Flows: 0

Current Active Auto-Discovery Flows: 0

Current Reserved Flows: 10

Current Active Pass-Through Flows: 155

Historical Flows: 387


D:DRE,L:LZ,T:TCP Optimization RR:Total Reduction Ratio


ConnID Source IP:Port Dest IP:Port PeerID Accel RR



I was reading some trouble shooting documents but i cannot get a solution. It could be a "Denial of Service" or a misconfiguration of SEP.

Both Servers are Symantec End Point Servers.

Thanks for your support

131107 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 14.1%

131173 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 02.4%

131175 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 48.6%

131200 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 31.9%

131211 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 10.1%

131259 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 30.1%

131295 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 31.3%

131332 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 14.1%

131345 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 14.1%

131402 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 00.0%

131424 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 06.4%

131439 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 16.2%

131444 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 23.3%

131473 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 31.9%

131482 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 21.9%

131498 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 31.8%

131500 00:21:5e:27:9c:58 TDL 07.4%

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Natalie Ramirez

What version of WAAS OS are you on and how long has it been since you reset your Policy Rules to the default?  Also, from enable, do a "clear connection" to purge all those out of there and get things accelerating again.  The WAAS policy rules stay the same through each upgrade, so if your original policy rules date back to version 4.1.1, there have been a lot of enhancements since then.

I had a similar problem with Sophos corporate virus protection.  Each of my clients would open 20+ sessions to the Sophos update server and max out my connections.

I was on WAAS OS Version 4.4.3c when it was happening.  My first solution, was to create a Policy for Pass through only on the Sophos TCP port destination.  I kept this policy in place until I upgraded to WAAS OS verion 5.0.1 about a month ago.  After the update, I removed the rule and reset all rules to the default, which the default rule set from 5.0 is different than the default ruleset on 4.3.x which I had kept through every upgrade.  I reset the ruleset for a different issue, but after I did the reset, the Sophos Clients only took 2 TCP sessions each.  One from Client to Server, one from Server to Client.

Natalie Ramirez

Oops, just realized you are on a 522.  Those can not be upgraded to 5.0.1.  You can upgrade them to 4.5, if you have maintenance on it and you jump through a bunch of hoops with TAC, filling out surveys, and tons of details about your network.

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