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WAAS preposition options???


What are the options to prepop data to a WAE?

I understand that the the traffic must flow between the edge WAE and core WAE (I read the troubleshooting topic in the forum), but can we prepop over the LAN? We would prefer not to do it over the WAN as we are using 3G connections.

Or, can we transfer data via USB... I noticed the Service Modules have a USB port?

I'd prefer to prepop at the datacenter before deploying to the branch sites.


OE274 - Confiuration Manager

OE694 - Inline data center WAE

SM-SRE710 - Branch 1 WAE

SM-SRE710 - Branch 2 WAE

SM-SRE710 - Branch 3 WAE

All running 4.4.5c.

Any assistance is appreciated            

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Cisco Employee

WAAS preposition options???

The USB ports don't work,  if they were enable it'll probably work for image recovery  only.

Preposition is helpful  to reduce time access to  CIFS  files from remote-edges clients,  it has been design to run from the CORE to the EDGE WAAS devices. I am not aware of any Cisco documentation for running preposition over the LAN  to  move the same boxes to the branch office, I'd suggest to run preposition as design anyways, keep in mind that  eventually preposition will still run on your WAN connections( ... for example if you need to preposition new files to your remote clients .. or a core server gets move)  to avoid high bandwidth utilization you can always select the files you really need to preposition from your servers,  set the  the Max file size and Min file size preposition modifiers to limit file sizes  and  schedule the  preposition job to run  afterhours or anytime you prefer.

good luck,

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